Even when going away, I sometimes need to change my tires. I want to prepare for my return, and who knows if it still is cold then.

This season I have been lucky to get a lot of design work, but this required long days of sitting still and my low back has cranked up. It is sore, tens and not my best friend at the moment.

Having a man who travels alot I sometimes have to do the heavy lifting myself. And today it was the tires who needed to get out of the basement and into the car. I was dreading the task, thinking to ask the neighbor, but as always I ended up doing it myself.

The majority of my private students have low back pain, and I always have some rules and good advices for their daily activity and of course in specific the «art of lifting». This I have learned from my teacher Gert – the giant dutch master of CAT® – Critical Alignment Therapy, and my other therapeutic teacher Susi Hately. 

We need to learn to softly engage our entire pelvic floor, put on the corset by softly engaging our transverse abdominis and also activate the muscles around our bottom vertebraes. Not an easy task, you need to learn to feel, isolate, activate and be able to hold these with easy breathing.

And today I was my own student: I bent my knees, lifted my «floor», put on my corset, exhaled into my abdomen, kept the activation for the entire process and LIFTED WITH LOTS OF INTERNAL STRENGTH AND NO PAIN – all four tires.

I promise all these movements with specific exercises will be posted.




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