I still have FB and I still visit it from time to time.

Over the years I have kept it – more or less – in the name of yoga, liking colleagues pages, following what´s happening around in the yoga world and sharing interesting yoga articles and of course some cute cats.

I already wrote about the new street fashion in Oslo wearing yoga pants for leisure – maybe people now need to expose themselves more to the world showing off their results from the gym – or whatever. But as yoga teachers we should remember what yoga is. We do not need to show the world we look good as pretzels: I want to urge all of us to keep these photos in private groups! This is not tempting people to start doing yoga. This is not encouraging people to go to a yoga class. This really has nothing to do with yoga!

Many people need to and uses their practice to improve their asanas. Well, let those who needs to show this in public pictures be students and let us teachers try to show that yoga is to move within. Of course we need to teach proper alignment and even use a mirror from time to time to show and adjust, but even  a proper alignment starts from within; you should feel your body align and feel your breath smooth in every posture – this is a beautiful practice.





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