Sometimes it takes the darkness of fall to wake up my Mexico-mood. I love my house in Norway and I love staying there in the mild norwegian summer with just the perfect temperature to stay indoors looking out 😉 But when it starts to get darker, wet and a bit chilly I open my lists and make the important calls to book tickets, insurance, house rental company, vaccination and my head starts to organize my house back into boxes – (and all my new bikinis into my huge suitcase).

It happens every year, and truth is: it is always stressful and upsetting.

I don´t like change – or: I don´t like the transformation.

It takes about 5 weeks in total. Yes, this is true. First the mental start of the process, then doing the organization and packing here, the long travel, the chock of the total climate and time change, the unpacking of a whole house on the beach and then the adjustment into mexican rhythm.


Ok – countdown has started. I´ll keep you posted.