I thought we were special here in Norway with brass bands walking and playing the streets in may, but moving to Mexico, the word brass has given me a whole different meaning. It is everywhere and always. My personal feeling is that in Mexico it is a red day a week each with its own proper celebration. And a real celebration doesn’t happen without proper music – proper noise: brass band. An example is the yearly village celebration in Mazunte which lasts for about three days with a brass band playing for three days – and nights – all the time, walking around the village spreading joy and happiness – and noise. Towards the end of the celebration the band gets smaller and smaller as the musicians collapse one by one.

And not to mention the Mariachis! They are popular amongst all, no matter age. And they all have brass, of course, spiced up with guitars, violins and vocals. When I arrive the coast and enter any taxi, the driver can be between 16 and 66 years -he plays mariachi music – and sings along proud and loud the – always – sentimental lyrics.

Thats when I know I´m back home.


(Video made by: Hugo Muñoz  – «This is how you dance in Oaxaca»)



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