Is a theme often discussed here in Norway. Everyone MUST be «out in the nice weather» or «out to get fresh air» – all the time, every single day.

And I understand. You can get to little or too much. I am in the last category; when Im back in Norway I enjoy being inside. Inside in the nice weather. Inside with fresh air. Inside behind walls and curtains. Inside away from burning sun rays or freezing air. Inside in peace. Inside without outside noises. Inside in my own world.

In Mexico I practically live outside – or under a palm roof without covered windows. My house is in a hill receiving the afternoon sun. A lot of it. I get tanned walking to the loo. I get sunburned making an early dinner. I fall asleep and wake up to the pacific sea breeze – it is never quiet. I wear the largest hat on the beach, the highest sun protection, I always walk on the shady side of the road and I have developed the classic drivers arm: left under arm is prickled with much greater sun damage than the other.


MEXICO: Wake up to the first rays of light and the singing of the birds. I plan my days to I get the majority of my design work done before nine in the morning, before the real heat kicks in. Then yoga teaching until noon. After lunch it is required inside- or shade time until four. You need to stay as immobile as possible. After four its time for work, socializing and yoga ,of course. And then the temperature makes it possible to think again … almost.

NORWAY: It is so quiet I can sleep until seven. The coffee is good and hot, I wear woolen socks inside and work until noon. Then its hot lunch and more work until I take a hot bath before going to teach yoga. In woolen socks. After class I feel colder and need to add a woolen sweater and -leggings. On my way home I realize Im the only one without pink and bare legs. Mine are both tanned and well covered.

The whole norwegian summer.



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