Tulips peeks up - it´s spring!

Here – there

Returning to Norway in april lets me experience the change into spring for full. I arrive and everything is DEAD. It really feels like that after returning from colorful Mexico where I usually stop every five steps because I just have to take a photo of something – whether it is on the ground, in the sky or in between. There is so much inspiration! In Norway in april I only pick up my camera to snap an image of grayness to send to my friends «over there». It is overwhelming.

But then – like a miracle – things start to pop up. Through the dead- and grayness small flowers peek up and suddenly everything is greener than green. This is also overwhelming.

Roots GRASS MOSE Blomst

In Mexico I left a place also getting ready for a seasonal change, but there the change was into more and more dry. Nature looked more like an empty birds nest and the only growths staying green are the palms, the cactuses and the Bougambillas. It will still get more dry for a while – and then, when the rain falls it takes only a few days before everything starts to wake up from the «dead». It is a crazy fast change!

New life, new beginning.



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