Chile de arbol and tulips

Back on norwegian soil it takes me many days to settle.

Meeting up with close friends and family, the big unpacking of my whole house, the adjustments to the time change … and then just getting used to the bright white light waking me up at dawn, the freezing and dry air, the ice cold (or steaming hot) water in the tap, the silence (or the lack of the constant sound of pounding waves) which makes my ears ring and the feeling of socks squeezing my toes, shoes, layers of clothing and remembering to not run around in the house wet from the shower and to actually put on some clothes before going out shopping.

The easiness of getting things done makes me spin around like a chicken without a head trying to do absolutely everything at once. It is not hot! I am not wet all over! I can think! Forgetting that my head is still on its way across the Atlantic taking much more time to adjust than I like to admit.

After so many years of living like this and bringing home all kinds of mexican stuff, I have ended up almost only bringing chillies. Of all kinds. Morita. Ancho. Guajillo. Pasita. And of course the most important one, my favorite:  Chile de Arbol. (main photo)

And with this I made my first fusion dish using mexican mangoes and mexican chilli.


Vegetarian spring rolls with mango salad

cabbage, finely sliced
carrot, grated
ginger, grated

Filo pastry
1 egg yolk, whipped

Fry in peanut oil until just tender, add a pinch of soy sauce.
Make tiny rolls by placing 1 small spring roll square on workbench with 1 corner facing you. Place 1 tablespoons of filling across corner. Brush wrapper edges with egg yolk. Fold corner over filling, then roll up firmly, folding in edges. Press to seal. Repeat until you have a good amount. Sprinkle lightly with oil and place well spred out on a baking tray. Bake in a hot oven until brown and crispy.

Mango salad:
1 mango per person
½ toasted Chile de Arbol per mango

Cut mangoes into cubes, sprinkle with coriander and chilli.

1 squeezed lime per person
1 tablespoon (about) fish sauce
2 tablespoons (about) soy sauce
1 tablespoon (about) of brown sugar or agave syrup
½ toasted Chile de Arbol per person
a bit of water

Buen provecho!




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