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part #1 – Working in the tropics

I am so lucky to be able to have a job I can do on both continents, both my job as a graphic designer and as a yoga teacher. To teach yoga is my joy in life and I don´t really considered it a job – so here in part #1 I am talking about working by the computer in the tropics.

Imagine sitting by the beach in the shade with a cold drink looking out on turquoise water, thinking, typing … almost relaxing. This is not reality.

When you work in the heat you need to be up early and use the energy you have before the heat slows down your brain. You have to constantly guard your equipment from humidity, sea breeze, small insects and larger specimens. You need to learn to be extremely patient when the internet connection becomes similar to the one we experienced in 1999 … sometimes it´s just gone. You learn to always have an extra connection from your telephone and a broadband stick. You get a master in asking for passwords when you´re out and around. You learn to not use a file transfer that shuts down when there is a break in the internet connection and to rather use the safe old Dropbox. You learn how to breath in and out when your Dropbox tells you your job will take 72 days to upload. You learn to not go out in the bright light and sun if you need to concentrate by the screen, and I bet all of us working in the tropics find ourselves working almost naked sometimes inside a big mosquito net – if we don´t live air-conditioned.


But still, after work the sun and sea is out there waiting for you.

Sunset at Zipolite beach



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