Me thinking of you

To live in two worlds gives me the gift of having different friends from different places whom I also meet in different settings, in different moods and with different expectations.

I hear myself saying in Norway I have my «old» friends. I remember when starting to stay away for more that four months I thought my friends would forget me, we wrote long letters and had many short and intense telephone conversations. Now I know we will always be friends and sometimes we support each other even better being apart.

In Mexico I also seem to stick with the «first» ones, the people I met in the beginning although I have had a few very pleasant new encounters too.

My friends here in Mexico come from here, there and everywhere. We live a life together on the beach and then a completely different one when we are apart. With some I keep in contact throughout the year, with others we meet again next season as if it was the next day.

Meeting up with friends from here in Norway is surreal and lovely, getting visits from my «old» ones here in Mexico is a gift: to let them see my life and know what I am talking about makes us closer.

Thank you my friends – and family – for being there for me, far away and close – I am blessed to have you and I hope I show it enough!

Lilies in the sunset



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