En la carretera

Something that might seem unimportant at home is a constant cause of frustration here in Mexico.

I tell my friends and clients «When I´m in Mexico I have all the time in the world, I will look into it from there», forgetting the time I spend looking at different ways to speed up my connection here on a small beach. Hours looking at bars moving as slow as they did when I first started working in Photoshop and had to go home and wait for the next day for a filter to apply to my illustration. Hours trying different connections, using different USB sticks, using my telephone … sweating and trying to not express my frustration when a client asks me to «just send the recent pdf in a slightly different tone», knowing it will take me another three hours to watch it ticking through.


I planned to really «blog on» from here this winter. Totally forgetting I am blogging online with WordPress. Totally forgetting I primary use photos to express my posts. So here I am, on my third day trying to post a post about going crazy with my camera, wanting to show you the photos – watching bars that don´t move … Life in the tropics.

Maybe rather go out and enjoy real life in real time?



  • Looking at this article, I miss the time when I didn’t wear a mask. casinosite Hopefully this corona will end soon. My blog is a blog that mainly posts pictures of daily life before Corona and landscapes at that time. If you want to remember that time again, please visit us.

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