Massimo in my love pants

An informal and sponsored yoga pant  test part # 1 – In THE HEAT

This will be a two-part article. The feeling inside a yoga/training pant is clearly different in Norway and Mexico. One can not even imagine how different it is.

Before I set off to Mexico, I got me some pants at sales in online stores. Sportswear, hurray! So for half the sum of ordering a yoga pant from the US including taxes and VAT, I got bought me five training pants in various famous brands. All seemed thin and light when I opened the package. They seemed almost too thin to take on and go out in the car to drive to the yoga studio. So I packed them down and looking forward to testing them out. All in sweat-wicking material …

The first was maybe thin, but showed my really invisible cellulite and felt like I was choking. The next one hided enough sweat, but it became like a humid layer on the inside of my thighs. Then came the pant that was supposed to tightens up the figure. Eeek – felt like I was wearing a support bandage costume. The last two I have not tried, let them rest until I am back in Norway – I can not bear even to roll them on me.

So what’s the conclusion?

You need to not bother that sweat appears and use thin cotton or bamboo. Best is shorts if you are daring enough.


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